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How we work

The eyeWitness approach is based on three pillars.
Collectively, these pillars enable us to facilitate justice for the worst international crimes.

Our partners

eyeWitness develops close partnerships with frontline organisations which document human rights violations that can amount to core international crimes, and with public interest litigators bringing these cases to trial. For organisations that otherwise would not have access to specialised international lawyers, we help bridge the gap between frontline documenters and accountability mechanisms. In partnership with documenters and legal organisations, we work to ensure that the footage is used to promote accountability.

When we partner with civil society and human rights defenders, we support them by:

hands-on training

Providing hands-on training and ongoing support on the use of the eyeWitness app

Strategising investigations

Strategising how photos and videos can fit into their investigations

facilitate the use of photos and videos in court

Providing any information necessary to facilitate the use of photos and videos in court or for other accountability processes

storing the material in a secure server

Cataloguing, tagging, and indexing all the photos and videos in a standardised manner and storing the material in a secure server

Linking documenters to investigating authorities

Linking documenters to investigating authorities and guiding them through the process of sharing information with accountability mechanisms, including preparing bespoke analytical products when needed

If the following describe your organisation, we would love to work with you:
  • Interested in bringing to justice perpetrators of mass human rights violations
  • Actively collecting information related to these violations
  • Want to use photos or videos to support your cases or advocacy efforts

If you are a human rights litigation firm or group, and think your cases or investigation partners can benefit from the technology or documentation expertise of eyeWitness, please contact us.