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eyeWitness has verifiable footage related to Bucha mass grave

26 April 2022

Verifiable photos and videos captured with the eyeWitness to Atrocities app support the reportsof the mass grave at the Church of St. Andrew Pervozvannoho All Saints in Bucha, Ukraine. The images show black body bags laying near the church. They also show the Gendarmerie, a branch of the French armed forces, investigating potential war crimes at the site.

A large white church with a golden roof. In the foreground there are black body bags and a white excavation tent.

©Shutterstock (original eyeWitness footage cannot be used to protect user privacy)

Thanks to eyeWitness’ specialist verifiable technology and safe storage protocols, eyeWitness can say with certainty that the images were taken at the church in April and they support the widespread reports of the mass grave. Unlike images taken with regular cameras, this footage is easily verifiable and can be readily trusted by investigators and courts of law.

In addition to the footage captured at the church, eyeWitness has received numerous photos and videos of other potential war crimes and human rights violations, including extensive property damage, in the city of Bucha.

eyeWitness’ legal team are forwarding all relevant images to investigators, including the Ukrainian authorities, as potential evidence of war crimes.

“Verifiable photos and videos are essential for justice. Doubts around the veracity of footage fuel disinformation and propaganda. More than that, they can and will be used by opposing counsel to deny allegations in future trials,” said eyeWitness Director, Wendy Betts. “This is why documentation organisations in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Bar Association are recommending our app to those gathering photographic evidence of war crimes and atrocities.”

Founded by the International Bar Association in 2015 and supported by LexisNexis Legal & Professional, eyeWitness is receiving photos and videos of potential war crimes in Ukraine on a daily basis. Since the outbreak of the war, the NGO has received as much footage from Ukraine as it would normally in one year from around the globe.

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