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New video series “eyeWitness in Action” highlights human rights documentation efforts

July 8, 2021

eyeWitness to Atrocities will soon be launching a new video series highlighting the inspiring documentation work carried out by some of the human rights defenders using the eyeWitness to Atrocities app. Titled “eyeWitness in Action”, the series will give viewers insight into not only how and why the eyeWitness app is used, but also the courage and determination of eyeWitness’ partners to capture the truth about human rights abuses.

Truth Hounds via the eyeWitness App

eyeWitness partner, Hassan John, documenting an attack on a village in Nigeria. © Hassan John

The first in the series will be a video spotlighting Hassan John, a Nigerian journalist and Anglican priest who uses the eyeWitness app to document attacks on villages and civilians across Nigeria.

“For many of our partners, advocacy is an important part of obtaining justice and change. This new series is a way of giving those partners a chance to share their stories and to shed light on the events they have witnessed,” said eyeWitness Director, Wendy Betts.

However, Betts also emphasised that not all of eyeWitness’ partners will be participating in the series. “Most of our partners are documenting in high-risk areas and are anonymous for security reasons. In some cases, even mentioning that the app is being used in a particular area could compromise security, so we are very strict with what information we do and do not release.”

Watch "eyeWitness in Action" on YouTube

Episode 1, Hassan John: Documenting attacks on civilians and villages in Nigeria.

Episode 2, Anastasia Taylor-Lind: Reporting stories of war crimes in Ukraine for both journalism and justice.