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Using digital evidence in human rights cases: lessons learned from capture to courtroom

November 30, 2020

Using digital evidence in human rights cases

Watch eyeWitness’ latest expert panel event by clicking the link below.

How can digital information strengthen investigations into human rights abuses? What examples are there of technology and data supporting a legal case and contributing to justice? What are some of the drawbacks of using digital evidence, particularly when it comes to seeking justice for the world’s worst crimes? What are the gaps that still need to be addressed?

These are just some of the questions eyeWitness to Atrocities’ panel event, hosted as part of the IBA’s 2020 Virtually Together Conference, answers.

The panel is composed of leading experts Hadi Al Khatib (Mnemonic/Syrian Archive project), Carmen Cheung (Center for Justice and Accountability, San Francisco), Lindsay Freeman (Human Rights Center, UC Berkeley School of Law), and Raquel Vazquez Llorente (eyeWitness to Atrocities).

The speakers draw on their hands-on experience using technology and digital evidence to build human rights cases, and answer some of our most urgent questions about how human rights defenders and lawyers can best use digital evidence to seek justice.

This talk is a must for human rights defenders using digital media to document events on the ground, legal professionals and advocacy groups.

Watch the panel in its entirety by clicking the link