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Choosing a secure camera app to document and monitor human rights abuses and atrocities

July 16, 2020

secure camera app

If you are documenting and monitoring human rights abuses, you may be looking for a secure camera app that will help protect your privacy through robust encryption. However, encryption is only half the battle.

You also need a camera app that produces verifiable footage, especially if you are going to use the footage as evidence in court. Indeed, the legal system will ask you to prove two things. Firstly, that your photos were taken at the time and place you say they were. Secondly, that the footage has not been edited or altered.

However, most camera apps do not offer this sort of proof. This includes your phone’s native camera app. Moreover, most people are not aware of what it takes for their footage to be used in a legal case.

Consequently, the eyeWitness to Atrocities team has written a series of educational articles that are a must for anyone monitoring and documenting atrocities.

Understanding how to produce strong, credible footage for court

Our extensive research has found that metadata and a protected chain of custody are the keys to ensuring verifiable footage. As such, we have written a series of articles to help you understand how metadata can either strengthen or weaken your photo and video evidence. Part 1 and Part 2 are on the WITNESS blog. These explain what metadata is, as well as the considerations you should have in mind when choosing a camera app.

We have also written an additional article, ‘Using metadata to prove the reliability and validity of footage’. It is located on our Resources page. This article answers some of the questions you may have from Parts 1 and 2. Specifically, it explains how the eyeWitness app ensures that your footage is secure, verifiable and credible. It also outlines how it uses encryption and other security measures to help keep your footage safe.

Sharing our expertise

eyeWitness to Atrocities is the only camera app that is founded by legal experts. It produces verifiable and credible photo and video footage that can be used as evidence in court.

As well as providing the technology, we are committed to sharing our legal expertise and experience. We hope that our series on metadata will help you to choose the right camera app for your needs.

If you are interested in using the eyeWitness app, please contact us for more information.